#170: Christina Gorton

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Marie talks with Christina Gorton about how she uses CodePen to learn as well as teach code. Christina has a new Skillshare course that shows you how to learn to code by creating art.

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Time Jumps

  • 1:00 Who is Christina Gorton?
  • 2:05 Tell us about the Skillshare course.
  • 8:25 What attracted you to being a front end developer?
  • 11:55 Moms Can Code
  • 14:50 What did you have in mind for the target person for your course?
  • 16:30 Being creative with what you build to learn and keep it interesting.
  • 17:50 CodePen is a great way to learn preprocessors
  • 21:15 The SVG Phoenix
  • 22:30 CodePen Presentation Mode and other hidden CodePen features
  • 26:10 What are you learning about right now?

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