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We had a little informal contest the other day where I had people DM me on Twitter a code related joke in order to win both a CodePen T-Shirt and a Treehouse T-Shirt. We've been working with Treehouse as an education partner for the last few months. ????

If you didn't catch wind of that contest, sorry about that, perhaps it'll be more formal next time. Or, the shirts are directly for sale: Treehouse & CodePen.

Here are the winners!

Kelly Vaughn

As a developer who's back from vacation and heading to work this morning... I guess you could say I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming.


Dave Darnes

I Promise(); you I’ll think of a good joke, just you await.


Brandon Gregory

A designer, a copywriter, and a developer were having a few drinks after work one night. The designer mused, “With such beauty in the world, God must be a designer.”

The copywriter scoffed and said, “No, no. The story of mankind is the greatest story ever told. God is clearly a writer.”

The developer chuckled quietly and said, “Come on, guys. God’s a developer. Nothing’s documented, something breaks every time we meddle with his work, and his last commit was 2,000 years ago.